Feature Friday Vol. 11: Jonji

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Our feature this week is on Jonathan “Jonji” Carey, who is one of our CS:GO  players! Jonji has been with Rise Nation since the end of May 2017 and will be competing at Fragadelphia this upcoming weekend alongside vSa, Ace, Moose, and dazzLe! Rise Nation CS is currently number one in the ESEA Mountain Dew League and will secure a spot for playoffs!
We hope you enjoy the Q&A segment! If you have any questions that you would like asked in Feature Friday Q&A’s email us at info@therisenation.gg or tweet them at us @TheRiseNation! #RiseWithUs

Jonji’s Social Media

Q&A General Questions:

Q: Most memorable moment?
A: Taking Virtus.Pro into overtime in my first international LAN.
Q: Favorite teammate?
A: My favorite teammate had to have been els. He taught me a lot about the game, nades, and he always had a really positive attitude toward’s the game. And, in my opinion, is a very very underrated player in the scene.
Q: What advice would you give to people trying to enter the scene?
A: Just play, play. and play some more. Try to find a team with people you enjoy playing with and just grind it out.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: Hopefully traveling the world, I love traveling more than anything in the world. I love getting to experience different cultures and foods, especially the scenery.
Q: What are the responsibilities of representing an org?
A:  Representing an org, in my opinion, means treating the name with respect. And just overall being respectful to other people and other members of the org. As well as, performing for the people that gave us this amazing opportunity.
Q: What do their family think about them gaming professionally?
A: My family at first hated me playing all of the games that I did play. But once I showed that I could be going to places like Brazil and Mexico, china etc… They got over it pretty quick and now they are more than supportive.
Q: What career would they have chosen if they didn’t become a pro player?
A: I was really into cooking growing up, worked at a restaurant for a bit for my co-op during school. Liked it a bit, but nowhere near as much as gaming.
Q: When was the first time you competed as a pro? How was that experience?
A: I guess it would have been in Brazil at wesg. It was the first time I realized that I could actually hang with the pros when I took a map off of selfless in the finals, and I played really well individually.
Q: Are there other games you’re interested in doing competitive with?
A: Was always interested in CoD, until they added jetpacks then I didn’t touch it ever again 😀
Q: Who’s your biggest rival?
A: I don’t really have one at the moment.
Q: Has gaming evolved into a chore for you or is it still fun getting on every day?
A: Still fun playing every day. Love the moments I have with people, always nice to have laughs with new people and such.
Q: What do you do when you’re not playing video games?
A: Workout or I’m camping with my family.
Q: What’s something you want to accomplish in your life?
A: One thing I want to accomplish is to buy a cottage.
Q: How do you prepare as a team when it comes to big LAN events?
A: Study the other teams that are in your group, demo reviews, practice, and individual practice such as dming or reviewing pros that play your spots.
Q: Do you like traveling to different countries and states to attend events?
A: I absolutely love that aspect of being a competitive gamer.
Q: Best event?
A: The best event I have been to had to of been wesg’s main event. It was run very smooth, even though we had some unfortunate events happen xD
Q: How do you interact with your fans?
A: Mostly through twitter, or steam.
Q: When you switch up team mates does it affect friendships?
A: I’m sure there are feelings hurt when people are dropped/ benched. This has not happened to me so far though.
Q: Does playing the same game get boring and if so why? A: Sometimes if I’m having a bad night it gets boring, or if I’m losing to people I shouldn’t be losing to.

CS: GO questions:

Q: How does it feel playing players from all nationalities?
A: It’s super cool, there are so many cool people that you meet.
Q: What is your favorite weapon in CS: GO?
A: Probably the ak, just because you can get cool shots with it and such.
Q: What makes a “good” player in your eyes?
A: A good attitude is the most important aspect I look for in fellow teammates. I also play best when I am happy, so I like to have people around me that even when we are losing we can still laugh.
Q: Do you have any tips for young players wanting to go pro?
A: Just practice and don’t give up. No matter what happens do not force anything. The time will come, and you will get your shot.
Q: What’s your favorite skin?
A: Karambit Sapphire.
Q: What major LAN events have you attended?
A: The only big LAN I have been to was WESG China. But I had VP and Envy in my group so it was just like a major group.
Q: Do you feel CS is going in the right direction when it comes to eSports?
A: Of course, one thing that would be amazing is if they unbanned the ex-ibp people. I miss watching those guys so much.
Q: What are your goals as a professional CS player?
A: First it is to make pro, for my friends and for the amazing people over at Rise. Then qualify for a Major.
Q: Would you like to attend events which are broadcasted on live TV?
A: Oh for sure, I have heard so much good about E-League and it would be so amazing to be apart of that.
Q: How much CS do you play daily?
A: I try to play around like 5-7 hours a day. Sometimes I go way over that then I have my beak days
Q: When did you start playing CS?
A: About 2 years ago.
Q: What is your opinion on betting in CS?
A: I really don’t care about it… people should be able to use their money how they want.
Q: What is your favourite map and why?
A: Cobble is probably my favorite map, just because how you can play it.
Q: Best team you’ve played on?
A: Rise :>
Q: How many teams have you been a part of?
A: I have been apart of about 3 good teams. The rest were just meh.
Q: What are the major differences between LAN and Online?
A: On LAN you have your teammates beside you screaming and getting hyped. There is better registration on bullets so you don’t get screw’d out of kills,
Q: Why do professionals play with black bars on the sides?
A: Mostly preference. And for some of them it just carried on from the old counter strikes
Q: Does playing in front of a crowd affect your gameplay?
A: Honestly it makes you so much better it feels like. When people are watching live I personally just feel more confidante.
Q: How do you prepare for important matches?A: I just dm and listen to my music.
A: I just dm and listen to my music.
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