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Rise Nation Enters Gears of War

Written By: David “DeeJay” Goldman (@DJxGoldman)

We are proud to announce our expansion into the Gears of Wars eSports scene with the acquisitions of:

Frank “Ko” Tibbs
Demarco “Drix” Gaines
Justin “Mort” Martinez
Jvonn “Avexys” Williams
Michael “Zerpting” Rodriguez

“Ever since I started competing in Gears of War all I wanted was to build a team that I felt had all the right aspects to win a championship,” Ko told me. “With this roster, we have created a team that consists of five extremely talented players that play well off one another and have nothing but the drive to win.” He went on to add how he has been a big fan of the Rise Nation organization since he first witnessed their Call of Duty roster compete back in 2014. “With this roster and an outstanding organization like Rise giving us their full support, we will dominate Season Two of the Gears Pro Circuit.”

When asked about the organization's jump into this new eSport, Rise Nation co-owner Kahreem Horsley responded by saying, "Rodger and I have always been huge fans of the Gears of War games. While we love the stories told through campaign, the most intriguing aspect has always been its unique gameplay style.” Horsley continued by saying, “We wanted to join this scene for quite some time, but we weren’t going to make a move until the right pieces were available. As you can tell, everything finally aligned."

Rise Gears will be making its debut this Sunday as they participate in the Gears Pro Circuit 2000 Series Online Tournament. Rise Gears will then be making its LAN debut at the Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open, which takes place from April 6th-8th.

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