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Rise Weekly 1/7-1/14

Over this past week, we here at Rise Nation experienced both the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat. Let’s start off with some of the bad as we talk about Rise CS:GO and the unfortunate outcome of the ESEA MDL finals and relegation.

Rise CS:GO went into the playoff finals match against Soar seen as the favorite by all of the analysts and fans alike. Unfortunately for the team sometimes things do not go your way. A lot of the clutch situations just seemed to fall the way of Soar and that led to a 2-1 series defeat. We would like to wish them good luck in the pro league.
As the tourney continued we took an exit in the MDL playoffs and went on to face Ghost Gaming, GX, and Rogue. The team had to win two matches in relegation to qualify for the pro league, but only managed to defeat GX while suffering unfortunate losses to both Ghost Gaming and Rogue. A lot can be learned from the way the team lost and now is when we will see if we can come back after facing as much diversity as you can on the road to succeeding as professional gamers and as a professional organization. The team will be going back through another ESEA MDL season and will have another chance at going pro together in a few short months.

Now Now, it wasn’t all bad for the boys and fans of Rise Nation. Rise SFV found their way in Tennessee for Kumite. Their first premier fighting game tournament of 2018. Mena and Smug went out to show the FGC that they are going to be a dominant force to be reckoned with as the Capcom Pro tour begins and Mena returns to try and defend his title. Kumite saw a 1-2 finish from Mena and Smug respectively and we could not be more proud. It’s a rarity you see a team with only two members in attendance take home the top prizes. For Mena, that is back to back wins and he showed that he is hungry and knows what it takes to win consistently. Smug is back to doing more of the same as he did during the 2017 campaign where he just had so many consistent finishes and remains a mainstay atop the fighting game scene. With 2018, SFV AE is going to release and there will be changes to the game that they play and love. Will these two be able to roll with the punches and stay on top?

Last time we were with you we came off a 2k series win with the Call of Duty team. An incredible feat for a brand new unit. Now here we are and the Call of Duty team just finished 3rd at CWL New Orleans after an incredible run at the event.
Going through the pools the team looked amazing after only taking one loss to Luminosity after a misstep in the final match of that series. Coming out of their pool in second place, they would face Team Kaliber in Winners Round 1. TK was the CWL Dallas champion and returned to defend their title at New Orleans. They managed to defeat us 3-1 in some very close games where just a couple things and we take the match.
The next day the team came into the venue with a chip on their soldier and went on to defeat Splyce (3-0), Evil Geniuses (3-0), Echo Fox (3-1), and Red Reserve (3-2). The teams grind and consistency was truly amazing to watch. The teams listed above are amongst the best in the world and to watch them beat them handily was incredible. The team’s final match was against Luminosity in the losers finals and we lost 3-2 and finished 3rd. With that 3rd place finish the team secured North America’s 5th seed and a spot in group A of the pro league. We are excited to see how the team will fare in Columbus as they try and secure a Rise Nations first Pro league championship.


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