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Rise Weekly 12/31-1/6

Rise Weekly
Call of Duty:
This week was a tumultuous one for the Call of Duty team as we saw Aqua leave to Echo Fox and Tyler Felo get released from the team due to internal complications. The team managed to aggressively rebound in the face of a tough situation and come out victorious in the MLG CWL 2K. The two new additions to the team are Gunless previously from Echo Fox and Methodz from Next Threat. They came into a brand new situation and thrived on their way to a big-time win as they try to qualify for stage one of the Call of Duty World League season. The current World League Standings can be found here Next week the team heads off to New Orleans to secure one of those coveted top ten spots.

Counterstrike GO:
ESEA’s Mountain Dew League Finals take place in New York this weekend. One of the teams' goals is right in its sight as we face off against Soar Gaming for a spot in the ESL Pro league. The winner gets a spot in the league and the other must face off in relegation against the bottom finishers of the previous pro league. The team reached the finals of the MDL for the second season in a row and hopes to repeat its success in the last season by closing out the finals with a win and a pro league birth. Along with the shot at pro league the team is also competing in the $50,000 Global Challenge. Huge weekend incoming for the boys in the server. Let's wish them the best.

Street Fighter:
This is the first tournament since Capcom Cup that we will see both MenaRD and Smug back in action. They are traveling to Kumite in Tennessee to see if they can start off the new year with a bang just how they managed to end it with one at Capcom Cup. MenaRD is the reigning Capcom Cup champion and is now at the center of the Fighting Game Community after such a prestigious victory. MenaRD will have an exhibition match against E-League champion Punk in which the victor will be the first to 7 games. This is a great way for two of Street Fighters top competitors to put on a show for everyone to see. Smug had a good year himself even making Capcom Cup and has cemented himself as a mainstay in the scene with countless Top 8 finishes throughout the season.


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