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Rise Nation Adds to FGC Roster

Written By: David “DeeJay” Goldman

We would like to officially announce the addition of Marvel vs Capcom professional Richard Nguyen to Rise Nation.

Richard Nguyen is a veteran of the FGC having begun his career in 2009 with Street Fighter 4. In 2011, he officially made the switch over to MvC3 where he began to receive notoriety within the community. Two of his most notable placings were a 9th finish at EVO 2011 and then a 7th at CEO 2013.

Richard would take a hiatus from the competitive scene shortly in 2014 spanning all the way until the release of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite this year. With the game only having come out recently, Richard already has a 4th place finish at SCR 2017 under his belt. Richard Nguyen will be making his debut for Rise Nation this upcoming weekend at Milan Games Week.

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by RiseAdmin | 27.09.2017 |

lol ok

by richard's mom | 28.09.2017 - 17:00

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