Sep 22, 2019

Rise Nation enters Apex Legends

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We are excited to announce we have joined the competitive Apex community with some of the top-ranked players in North America and looking forward to the season!

Our current roster of consists of the following:
Vyolent is currently ranked #1 in all of NA. 
Jkw is currently ranked #6 in all of NA.
Midnight is a returning former pro from Overwatch now to Apex Legends. 

You can watch their streams by checking out the media page.

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#RISEGOW welcomes back to back champions.

Welcome #RISEGOW newest additions @icy, @RushieZ_ & @FraNChlS

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Welcome Jourdan “Ribs” Ribeiro, as our new Analyst

He won his first Gears event attended in 09 and ended it with another in 2018 followed with a $150k UGC Major win. We’re glad to have another vet with previous championship experience help us mentor our team.

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Welcome Chris "@Affinitykami" Curren to #RISEGOW

Affinity has played almost every eSports title known within competitive circles, but Gears of War is the only one he took seriously enough to take it all the way. We're happy to add another veteran to the crew!

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